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My 4 cars, N500M worth of investments all gone – Actor Kanran spills as Pastor Agbala initiates Fundraiser



  • The remarkable Thespian Chief Kanran recently recounted an utterly heart-wrenching and sorrowful tale of his astonishing journey from rags to riches, all during the momentous visit of Pastor Agbala Gabriel to his humble abode.
  • In a fervent appeal, Chief Kanran raised his voice for aid, and his heart brimmed with delight as Agbala Gabriel not only heard but heeded his call.
  • Igniting a fire of compassion, Agbala Gabriel initiated a fundraiser, infusing the atmosphere of his abode with an aroma of altruism and kindness.

Veteran Actor Olusegun Akinremi, aka Chief Kanran, who once bathed in millions before misfortune struck, held nothing back as he recounted his devastating losses while hosting Clergyman Agbala Gabriel and his team at his house.

In a bold move, Chief Kanran had earlier taken to his social media platform to reveal a divine message he had received regarding Pastor Agbala Gabriel, who is esteemed in both pastoral and philanthropic domains.

Kanran boldly affirmed his unwavering belief that God had communicated to him about an imminent link-up with Pastor Agbala Gabriel, to assist him.

In a striking response, Pastor Agbala heeded the Actor’s plea and journeyed to Chief Kanran’s residence in Abule Egba to kickstart a fundraising effort.

Upon his arrival, the Clergyman was taken aback by the decrepit condition of Chief Kanran’s dwelling, spurring him to inquire about what had transpired, to understand the trajectory of his journey from a state of success to one of adversity.

Chief Kanran replied by recounting how he had once luxuriated in a lavish rented apartment in Surulere. However, he was compelled to vacate the premises due to relentless robberies that targeted his significant wealth during that period.

He went on to sorrowfully recall the heart-wrenching loss of movie equipment worth N500 million in a tragic fire accident.

Chief Kanran also reminisced about his ownership of four cars, narrating the unfortunate incidents where certain engines were knocked and others ceased functioning mysteriously. He further revealed that his engagement with movie producers had dwindled, and he was no longer receiving job offers.

He candidly shared with the Pastor his desire for Nigerians to unite in raising funds, with the aim of purchasing new vehicles and revitalizing his career by acquiring essential movie equipment.

As of the current moment, the funds raised have surpassed the 1 million naira mark.





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