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My husband Buhari suffered PTSD for many years after fighting civil war and being detained without rehabilitation – Aisha Buhari



Aisha Buhari, the first lady of Nigeria, has made it clear that President Muhammadu Buhari, her husband, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for a significant amount of time.

 Aisha Buhari

According to reports, she made this statement during the groundbreaking ceremony for the Armed Forces Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Centre (AFPTSDC), which was initiated by the Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association (DEPOWA) led by Mrs. Lucky Irabor.
According to Aisha, her husband suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for a number of years after serving in the Civil War, being overthrown as the military head of state, and being held in detention for forty months without rehabilitation.
After she got married to him when she was just 19 years old, she said she became his physiotherapist and helped him recover, though it was hard.
She was said to have said;
“I would like to express my gratitude to DEPOWA for having the foresight to envision establishing a PTSD treatment center for our soldiers.Indeed, terrifying events can lead to PTSD, a mental health condition.
Despite its negative effects, it is a reality that soldiers and their families must accept.As a wellness expert and a wife of a soldier or retired soldier, I am aware of the difficulties posed by PTSD and how it affects military families and the nation.
Before being overthrown in a coup d’état, my husband served in the Nigerian Army for 27 years.He served in the civil war for thirty months without ever recovering;He ruled Nigeria for twenty months before being imprisoned for forty months without revealing the nature of his crime.
“I clocked 19 years in his house as his wife, legitimately, one year after he came out of detention.The first mistake you will make when dealing with someone who was a former Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces is to tell him that he is wrong, and I suffered the effects of PTSD because I had gone through all of this at the age of 19.
“So, at the age of 19, I had to figure out how to tell someone of his caliber whether they were right or wrong. That was the beginning of my offense in his house. I then tried to run for office in 2003, but failed, and tried again in 2007, but failed, and tried again in 2011, all without being rehabilitated, and I ended up becoming a physiotherapist.
Finally, the entire nation rose up against bad governance and power abuse.He was only successful when it developed into a movement, and today we are here.He has ruled Nigeria previously, and he is currently doing so for the final time.
“I tried to console them, I tried to talk to them, and some of them have switched off their phones up until today, just because of a primary election. Failing election for three times was a big blow to every contestant, but those who contested for just yesterday, a simple primary election, are still living in a traumatic condition.
“You can imagine me handling someone who went to war, had a coup d’état, lost several elections, and finally got to the Villa in 2015 when I was 19 years old.Also, it’s a problem for a woman to tell them that this is right or wrong in Nigeria and Africa.


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