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My Mental Health Challenge Post Was a LIE, According to Tega, an Ex-BBNaija Housemate



Tega Dominic, a former housemate on Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), has stated that her management was not being truthful when they stated that she had mental health issues as a result of the constant cyberbullying she received.
Akahi News recalls that after Tega left the BBNaija house, she received a lot of criticism for allegedly having an affair with Boma, a fellow housemate who was married.

However, both parties claimed that they were merely performing a script for the sake of viewers.
Additionally, Tega disclosed that her marriage had fallen apart prior to her participation in the reality show.
The reality TV star tweeted that her mental health was affected during the trolling.
Tega, on the other hand, stated in an interview with her talk show “The Pandora Show” that it was a fabrication and that her management had posted the tweet without her consent.

She stated, “My management once tweeted about how my mental health was affected.”I asked myself, “Me, mental health?” as I read that tweet.What’s happening to my mental health?How did it occur?I informed management that they did not demonstrate me prior to tweeting.They claimed it was because they were aware that I would prevent them from sending the tweet.At the time, they thought it would be best to proceed.

I don’t always forgive myself;I feel like fighting for that one tweet by myself.I can’t be lying when I say something.Everything I tweet reflects my current state of mind.I can’t possibly claim to be emotional when I’m not.It is impossible.”
She also revealed that someone had been harassing her and her son at one point, but when she went to the person’s page, she saw that it was an anonymous account.

She stated, “Someone once bullied me and my son.”When I looked at the person’s profile, I found that they had just created the account.I thought, “This person cannot even face me with his real account and speak to me directly.” in my head.This indicates that I am significantly superior to the individual.A person with a blue tick on Instagram will never bully another person.I just said, “This cannot be it,” and gave myself courage.

“My sister or assistant might be trolling me, and they might come to my room and see me laughing.I may think to myself, “My legs are even finer and this one is talking,” when I see the troll’s legs. I have fine legs.My ego is constantly soothed by something.Bullying and trolling have never been more prevalent in my life.I wonder what the experiences of those who came before me were like.

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