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Naira Marley and his boys planned to poison me – Ex-Marlian signee, DJ Splash opens up to Iyabo Ojo (VIDEO)



  • Naira Marley’s ex-DJ, DJ Splash, has now spilled some shocking revelations about the Marlian Records’ head to actress Iyabo Ojo following her visit to his residence.
  • In a truly distressing interview that’s gone viral, Splash detailed the chilling plot hatched by Naira and his associates to poison him merely because he aspired to pursue a music career.
  • DJ Splash’s harrowing account of the ordeals he endured under Naira Marley’s influence has stirred significant concern among Nigerians.

DJ Splash, a youthful disk jockey who reportedly suffered a mental breakdown during his time with Naira Marley, has broken his silence.

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo visited DJ Splash’s residence in the wake of singer Mohbad’s tragic passing to have a conversation with him.

In a video posted on Iyabo Ojo’s Instagram page, DJ Splash appeared frail as he recounted a chilling tale of how Naira Marley and his associates conspired to poison him and subsequently return him to his mother’s care after a period spent with them.

DJ Splash shared that he initially lived with Naira Marley and pursued his career as a disk jockey. However, he struggled to earn enough money to support his family, using whatever little he earned for his own sustenance.

As a result, Splash made the life-altering decision to transition from DJ-ing to pursuing a music career in the hopes of better financial prospects. When he disclosed this ambition to Naira Marley, the Marlian Records’ Boss expressed strong disapproval.

According to DJ Splash, following his revelation about venturing into music, Naira Marley and his associates began plotting to poison him, induce madness, and falsely inform his mother that he was unwell.

After carefully listening to the strong and damning accusations leveled against Naira Marley, Iyabo Ojo passionately implored the police authorities to spring into action regarding DJ Splash’s case. She proceeded to offer heartfelt prayers for the young lad.

In her caption, Iyabo Ojo prominently displayed his bank account details, fervently encouraging people to extend their financial assistance to DJ Splash.




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