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An ex-football player is arrested by the NDLEA for bringing cocaine into Nigeria

An ex-football player was detained by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for bringing cocaine into Nigeria.
In a statement on Sunday, Femi Babafemi, the NDLEA’s spokesperson, made this clear.
Later, a statement from the NDLEA said that the former football player who was caught at the Lagos international airport was Okafor Emmanuel Junior.
The NDLEA official’s video shows that the 1.40 kg of cocaine was carefully hidden in metal.
On Twitter, Babafemi wrote, “sharing the video of how the drugs were concealed.”A video demonstrates how a former footballer brought cocaine into Nigeria.When you are aware that there is no assurance that @ndlea_nigeria officers will not unravel you, just imagine how much time and effort it would take to conceal this.At the airport in Lagos, another was seized.More information coming soon.
Watch the video.
Another video that was posted on the NDLEA handle also showed that its officers at the Lagos airport found black cocaine in the false bottom of another Brazilian returnee’s bags and cocaine concealed in the handles of the former football player’s bags.
The NDLEA added that the arrested former football player is a 33-year-old Abia State native of Arochukwu Local Government Area.
On September 26, 2022, Monday, he was taken into custody.


The NDLEA recently announced a massive drug bust in Ikorodu, Lagos State, involving the seizure of 1.8 tons of cocaine, estimated to be worth “N194 billion.”
According to Akahi News, this was made public on Monday by Femi Babafemi, the spokesperson for the NDLEA.
A warehouse in the state’s Ikorodu was the location of the operation, which the agency dubbed the “biggest singular cocaine seizure.”
The statement says that Kelvin Smith, a Jamaican who is a member of an international drug syndicate, was one of those arrested by the NDLEA.
According to this online newspaper, the warehouse manager and four other individuals were detained.

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