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Oluwo of Iwo: Nigeria’s Independence Was Too Early



Oluwo Of Iwo

Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwo, has stated that he regrets that Nigeria’s independence came too soon.
Oba Akanbi attributed Nigeria’s problems to politicians and leaders he claimed have managed the country’s affairs since independence, noting that Nigeria, as the giant of Africa, should have developed by now.
The monarch lamented that the state of the nation was unsuitable and urged the politicians to change their ways in an Independence Day message that was signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Alli Ibraheem, and made available to journalists in Osogbo.
He also wondered what kind of reward Nigeria’s leaders would receive for what they had done for Nigeria and its people.
“Nothing to be happy about in 62 years of Nigeria independence day, and the irony of it is that we took the independence too soon and left our future in the hands of some heartless leaders,” he asserts.Many of our leaders were self-centered, untrained, and did not revere God.May they receive the appropriate reward from nature for their service to Nigeria.
“I challenge them to come out on their own to talk about the good they’ve done for this country.A space ought to be provided for each of them to express the pride they have brought to this nation on every independence day like this one.Better is what we owe.We have everything we need to be one of the world’s greatest nations, but our leaders are against us.
“As a natural supreme ruler, I am extremely pleased with my accomplishments as an unbreakable monarch of merit for my kingdom.Nothing comes from me to my people.I safeguard their assets and interests.I always demand they challenge me whenever I illegally take from their sweat and give an account of my stewardship.I’m so proud of myself as one of today’s leaders that I beat my chest.
Instead of the usual content independence, Nigerians should be able to freely express themselves.We ought to be proud of it right now because it is Africa’s giant.
“My piece of advice to politicians and leaders in positions of power right now is to change their ways right away and improve this country.”
I believe we can still kick and improve.The ball hasn’t gone over the bar yet.Nigerians should begin electing and appointing trustworthy people to positions of authority, and they should always ask for stewardship.Any elected or appointed leader whose governance is detrimental to us may be rejected by us.
“The masses must band together to remove those without morals from power.It is now, and while it is late, it is not yet too late.

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