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Basketmouth, a Nigerian comedian, loses His mother



On social media, Nigerian cum actor Basketmouth announced the passing of his mother.
According to Akahi News, the comedian posted nostalgic images of his mother and siblings to his Instagram account on Monday.

In a tribute to his mother, Basketmouth also wrote that he wished she had lived to see what he had accomplished.
He noted that his mother put a lot of effort into shaping him into a man.
He penned:The deafening echo created by the space you occupied with love, kindness, security, and happiness in my heart.
“Mummy, I wish I had more time with you, and I wish you had stayed a little longer,” I said.I wish you had stayed to see me grow into the boy you molded into a man and for whom you endured pain.
“I wish you had stayed a little longer so you could see what I’ve become and what I’m about to become,” she said.You are aware that I will make you proud, mummy.Love you always.
I’m Glad I Didn’t Turn Down Pregnancy Outside of Wedlock Charles Okocha, better known by his stage name Igwe 2pac, has said that he’s glad he didn’t turn down pregnancies outside of wedlock.
In an interview with Punch, Okocha expressed how happy he was with his decision to take on more work despite not being ready to become a father.
He made it clear that he has two kids;a son and a daughter from two different women, but the bond they share conceals the fact that they were not born to the same mother.
He went on to describe in detail how he convinced his girlfriend to have an abortion on his daughter when she discovered she was pregnant.He stated that she, on the other hand, decided to have the child and refused to listen to him.
Igwe explained that he assumed responsibility for taking care of his daughter when she decided to keep the baby.

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