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‘Nigerians Have Given Up On NLC, FG Insincere’ — Nigerian Builders



Nigerian builders, represented by Ayotunde Philips, the Treasurer of the Nigerian Institute of Building, expressed that Nigerians no longer have confidence in the Nigerian Labour Congress and its incessant strikes.

Recall that the Union had given the Federal Government ultimatum on September 1st else they’d embark on an indefinite strike protesting the hardship in the country caused by the petrol subsidy removal and the fluctuating value of the naira.

The NLC cautioned that if the government did not take action to alleviate the difficulties faced by people across the country, there was a possibility of a prolonged shutdown of the economy.

Philips, speaking with Punch also mentioned that people have realized that once the NLC calls for a strike and their leadership reaches a settlement with the government, they no longer prioritize the needs of the average worker.

This, he said was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the NLC did not provide enough support, especially to vulnerable workers.

He said: “Many NLC leaders ride in big SUVs and own mansions in choice cities like Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and abroad. Only time will tell if they are only clout-chasing because Nigerians have given up on them. That is why the compliance to the strike is very low.”

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Also, the President of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, Aliyu Wamakko, said Nigerians needed to be patient, adding that the association was not going on strike.

“Subsidy was removed during Buhari’s administration, but implemented during Tinubu’s administration. Even before the subsidy was removed, some people were eating that money, and they were talking about going on strike to cause another havoc in the system.

“The amount of productive time we lose in the strike process is much more than what we gain. Unfortunately, it seems the only language the government understands is strike, but it is the negotiation table we would still come back to. Hence, it is better to not worsen the sector,” Wamakko said

Meanwhile, the Executive Secretary of the Association of Housing Corporation of Nigeria, Toye Eniola, said the government should be sincere in fulfilling its promises.

“Everybody is fed up and the strike does not seem to have much effect, because they know that people are on strike for legitimate reasons. Every man is for himself. It is an unfortunate situation because the government is not sincere, and the people going on strike are not sincere.

“People are indifferent because if they join the strike or not, it would not put any food on their tables,” Eniola said.


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