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Buhari says the APC will make Nigeria’s future safer.



On Friday, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), the President, stated that the All Progressives Congress is in charge of Nigeria’s future.
This is in line with what Buhari said: the APC-led government has made Nigeria stable and laid the groundwork for steady growth.
Femi Adesina, the president’s spokesperson, issued a statement confirming this.
Despite the adverse circumstances of global economic downturns, the COVID-19 pandemic, and extremely low international oil prices, which have resulted in low revenue, Buhari stated this.
At the unveiling of the Presidential Campaign Council and Bola Tinubu’s action plan, the APC presidential candidate, the President stated that he would lead the campaign to elect the former governor of Lagos State as his successor.
He noted that Tinubu’s election would build on his administration’s successes because the presidential candidate had the potential, visionary leadership, and track record to do more.
“It would be disastrous to permit a situation that will lead to the reversal of the progress our country has made,” he stated.Permit me to add that I gladly accept the chairmanship of the campaign council that we will present today.
Our candidate, Asiwaju Tinubu, is well-known for his ability and willingness to take on any challenge.As a democrat, a proponent of the rule of law, a man who is at home in every part of our country, and a truly visionary leader, his track record stands out.Simply imagine Lagos in the years 1999 and 2022.
As a result, I want to reassure all party members and government supporters that I will lead this campaign.
“This election is even more significant than the one that brought us to power in 2015,” he said.The need to stop the hemorrhage that brought us together nearly nine years ago is much less important than the cost of losing the gains our nation has made.
“I want to exhort every member to put in all of their efforts over the next four and a half months of campaigning to ensure that we win all of our elections across the country.We are in control of this nation’s future.
Buhari elaborated, “The efforts of our men and women in the armed forces over the last years are beginning to yield positive outcomes,” highlighting the administration’s accomplishments under the APC leadership.In the North-East, North-West, and other regions of our nation, we are gradually retaking our country from terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers inspired by foreign countries.
We are fighting separatists, oil thieves, and bandits in equal measure in both the South-East and South-South regions of the nation.
“Our administration maintains its commitment to gradually eliminating all national points of insecurity.We would prevail over our nation’s adversaries, regardless of their appearance.
The President said that the occasion was significant to him for two reasons, describing the APC presidential candidate as “the Jagaban, my friend, partner, and brother.”
“First and foremost, it is significant to note that this is our party’s third unveiling.I’ve had the chance to present two action plans.In 2014, I had the honor of presenting our party’s change manifesto.
“It was a manifesto that indicated our collective desire to halt the directionless course that the People’s Democratic Party was taking in our nation.In 2018, I presented our government’s Next Level Agenda for the second time.
“The second reason this event is significant is that we are going through our first transition within our party. I am in the final year of my two-term mandate, and we have a new candidate to lead our party into another presidential election. This is the second reason why this event is significant.
“The preparations for and conduct of our presidential primaries were significant turning points in the growth of our internal democracy and party politics.
“I must congratulate our party’s leadership, other stakeholders, and all party members for the exercise’s success.We can confidently assert that the All Progressives Congress, our party, is steadily progressing toward the establishment of a long-lasting democratic culture in our body politic.
In addition, the President expressed gratitude to party officials in the National Executive Council, zonal, state, senatorial, and local governments, and ward executives, for their unwavering support of his administration as well as their extraordinary dedication to the party and democracy causes.
He reminded them that “Nigeria back from the precipice in 2015 was made possible by putting together a formidable party peopled by many who have made a vow to work for a Nigeria we all can be proud of” and urged them to be mindful of the significance of creating a political party that is both powerful and focused.
Members of the party were instructed by President Buhari to uphold the party’s supremacy while adhering to their constitution’s guidelines.
“It is worth reiterating the fact that we are stronger today solely because we continue to support the party,” he stated.
“We must first subscribe to the supremacy of our political party in order for us to develop an ongoing democracy in our country.
“We must learn to operate within the guidelines as outlined in the constitution of our party and submit ourselves to the rules.”
The President praised the maturity and sportsmanship of other contestants and reiterated his congratulations to Tinubu and his running mate, Senator Kashim Shettima, for winning the primaries.
He said that it showed the commitment of party leaders and members to the cause of the party and democratic practices that the majority of aspirants transferred their structures, including campaign offices, to the party’s candidate after the primaries.
He urged members of the party to think of themselves as “ambassadors of progressive principles” and “exemplify the best of us in action and words.”

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