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No more layoffs ‘planned’ – Elon Musk tells remaining Twitter employees



At least for the time being, Elon Musk has stopped laying off employees at Twitter and has no plans to relocate the company’s headquarters from San Francisco.
Two people present at Monday’s all-hands meeting at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters claim that Musk shared some good news with the remaining employees.
This is Musk’s second meeting like this since he first mentioned his “extremely hardcore” work expectations and told employees that Twitter might go bankrupt.
During the meeting, Musk stated that no further layoffs were “planned.”Since assuming control at the end of October, this is the first time Musk has stated that the company’s waves of headcount reductions are now complete.
About 7,500 full-time employees worked for Twitter before Musk became its owner.After a large number of layoffs and resignations, that number is now down to 2,300, according to a person familiar with the company’s operations.
However, due to the ongoing internal accounting of resignations, the official headcount number may continue to fluctuate, according to another company insider.
According to one employee who persevered through Musk’s layoffs and a flurry of firings of alleged critics, Musk’s remarks were received with “some relief.”The majority of employees had worked all weekend for Musk, who shared pictures on Twitter of an early Saturday morning “code review.”
Twitter may even resume hiring now.One of the people present said Musk said during the meeting that he wants to hire more engineers.
Cutbacks and abdications have profoundly influenced Twitter’s designing positions, someone else at the organization said, assessing that as much as half of designing is presently gone.On Friday, Musk made an urgent request to meet with “anyone” remaining at Twitter who could write software.
Engineers who stay with the organization are proceeding to contact collaborators who were laid off or surrendered inquiring as to whether they’re keen on getting back to the organization since certain groups need more individuals, an ongoing worker said.
During the meeting, Musk also stated that he “does not intend” to relocate Twitter’s headquarters from San Francisco to Texas.
Since Musk’s other businesses, like Tesla and SpaceX, moved their operations there, there has been speculation about such a move.The state also houses Musk, some of his younger children, and their mothers.
Employees at Twitter were also informed that employees at SpaceX, a private company that allows employees to sell grants of stock through private tender offers, will have stock grants included in their future compensation plans under Musk.


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