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Old video of late Ada Ameh warning Nigerians over Naira Marley surfaces



  • Late Nollywood actress Ada Ameh’s resurfaced video warns Nigerians to unfollow rapper Naira Marley.
  • Allegations and controversy swirl around Naira Marley’s alleged link to the death of fellow artist Mohbad.
  • In the throwback video, Ada Ameh expresses concern, stating that Naira Marley is leading the youth astray with his influence.
  • The video originated from Naira Marley sharing a bedroom fantasy involving a mother and daughter, causing Ada Ameh’s distress.

In a resurfaced video that has ignited a buzz across social media platforms, the late Nollywood actress Ada Ameh can be seen delivering a stern warning to Nigerians, urging them to unfollow controversial rapper Naira Marley.

This development comes in the midst of ongoing speculations and allegations surrounding the rapper’s alleged involvement in the death of fellow artist Mohbad.

Late Nollywood actress Ada Ameh.

The video, which has now gone viral, reveals Ada Ameh expressing her concerns about Naira Marley’s influence on the younger generation.

The late movie star’s words in the throwback footage carry a weighty message as she asserts that Naira Marley is leading the youth astray.

The origin of this resurfaced video dates back to a time when Naira Marley had stirred controversy by sharing his bedroom fantasy of being involved with both a mother and daughter simultaneously.

Naira Marley.


Ada Ameh, clearly disturbed by this revelation, used the video as an opportunity to caution Nigerians against endorsing or supporting such behavior.

This video comes in the wake of multiple allegations and controversies surrounding Naira Marley.

The rapper has been at the center of various online discussions and speculations, with some individuals linking him to the untimely demise of fellow artist Mohbad.

Netizens Reactions…

giftyprime penned: “I don unfollow over 100 people I was following that still follows him. Both celebrities and friends.”

commanderr_tom opined: “All these things are not relevant. All these are in the past. The Koko now is that he has to come out and pay for his sins. He should stop running and hiding. He should be in jail”

nk.j.o stated: “I miss Ada ameh,another tears again”

glamby_lade said: “The red flags have been there since way back !!!! I stopped being a fan since I watched the koleyewon’s video!!”

call.me_wale_omo_iyaabayo commented: “The dead as spoken it is final”

declutterland said: “Another tears, Imiss this woman. No peace for the wicked #justiceformohbad”

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