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Onguanuga Bayo: Tinubu is not ill and continues to work in London



Bayo Onanuga, the All Progressives Congress Presidential (APC) Campaign Council’s Director of Media and Publicity, disclosed on Friday that Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, is in good health and works hard in London, United Kingdom, just like he does in Nigeria.

The comments were made by Onanuga in response to criticism regarding the APC flagbearer’s whereabouts after he was absent from the official start of the 2023 presidential election campaigns.
On his official Facebook page, he specifically clarified a picture that went viral and suggested that Tinubu was ill.
“Here is a fake photo of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu forwarded to me just now, another handiwork of purveyors of deep fake,” was the caption of the post.God will judge the perpetrator of this malicious lie at the appropriate time.Except for the fact that he is bald, the man in the picture does not resemble Asiwaju.The man has more fat.Tinubu is more trim.
“Take a look at his glasses’ frame.It is unquestionably not Tinubu’s signature frame.I can reassure Nigerians who really want to know where Tinubu is.He lives in his house in London.
Tinubu left Nigeria on Saturday night for a brief break and to get ready for a campaign that will undoubtedly be exhausting.Before he left, I saw him and spoke with him for two hours.He was healthy and strong.He was healthy.He wasn’t there to treat anything.
We spoke today around 2:00 p.m.Additionally, he informed me that his one-week retreat has had no effect.He continued to work as he did in Nigeria.“Nigerians should stop spreading rumours about Tinubu, who by the grace of God and fellow Nigerians will be elected our leader next February,” he continued today, burning his candle until 4.30 a.m.He stated, “We ought to learn from the divine fate of the man who wished Tinubu to die.”
Onguanuga Bayo:Tinubu is not ill and continues to work in London.

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