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WOW! Ooni Of Ife Officially Marries Tobi Philips As Third Wife



On Sunday, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ooni of Ife, married Tobi Philips, his third wife.
According to Akahi News, there will be a lot going on in the Ooni’s palace in IIe-Ife, Osun State, this month as the reverend monarch gets married and celebrates his birthday.
The Ooni and Tobi Philips, his new wife, were greeted at the palace on Sunday by friends and family who were also there to celebrate.
Before getting married in a traditional ceremony yesterday, Tobi reportedly dated the Yoruba traditional monarch for more than six years.

See the video and marriage proposal below:


Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogwunwusi, Ooni of Ife, Preparing for Another Grand Wedding The Ooni of Ife is also getting ready for another grand wedding in a few days.
Ashley Afolashade Adegoke, his legally married queen, has been romantically involved with him for a long time.
The celebration would take place on Friday, October 14, 2022, at the palace of the imperial majesty in IIe Ife, Osun State, Enuwa square.
Through the Ashley Adegoke Foundation, Ashley is a chartered accountant who also has a passion for helping children and widows who are less fortunate. She received her degree in accounting as well as a master’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom.
The Ooni of Ife Welcoming His New Queen In September 2022, the Ooni welcomed Olori Mariam Anako, his new wife, into the Oduduwa palace.
Ooni’s new marriage comes just seven months after his ex-wife Naomi Silekunola posted on social media about their breakup.
According to what was reported in this publication, Ooni started making plans for the new marriage in March when she sent a powerful delegation to her family to ask for her hand in marriage.
According to reports, the Ooni’s new wife is from Kogi State and is an Ebira woman. Her mother is from Erin-Ile in Kwara, and her family lives in Ilorin.


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