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OPM Pastor gifts elderly woman car, house; shares reason



  • OPM Pastor, Apostle Chibuzor surprises elderly woman, Mrs. Iyere, with a car and house.Two weeks earlier, Apostle Chibuzor gave Mrs. Iyere a car to enable her to start a ride-sharing business.
  • After the car gift, it was revealed that Mrs. Iyere was struggling with rent issues.
  • Apostle Chibuzor decided to buy Mrs. Iyere a house, making her a landlady.
  • He shared images of the newly purchased bungalow on his official Facebook page.

OPM Pastor, Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere, has once again touched the lives of those in need, this time surprising Mrs. Iyere, an elderly woman from Akwa Ibom, with a brand new car and a house.

This extraordinary act of kindness follows his earlier gift of a car to Mrs. Iyere just two weeks prior, making her life significantly better.

Apostle Chibuzor surprises elderly woman with car and house

The initial gesture of goodwill occurred when Apostle Chibuzor gifted Mrs. Iyere a car, aiming to provide her with a means to generate income through ride-sharing services like Uber.

However, it was after this initial gift that the depth of Mrs. Iyere’s hardships came to light.

Apostle Chibuzor surprises elderly woman with car and house


She was struggling to meet her rent obligations in her current living situation.

In response to her plight, Apostle Chibuzor decided to go even further to improve her life.

Apostle Chibuzor’s official Facebook page recently featured images of a new bungalow he purchased in Mrs. Iyere’s name.

Apostle Chibuzor surprises elderly woman with car and house

This new home will not only offer her shelter but also provide the opportunity for additional income through renting out other flats within the property.

In his words;

“Remember Mrs Iyere from Akwa Ibom.
The poor elderly woman that is always cleaning the Alter at OPM headquarters that Apostle Chibuzor OPM gifted a car so she can get someone to be doing UBAH business for her ?
2 weeks ago she was brought to Apostle office again to complain that her house rent has expired.
Then Apostle chibuzor made inquiries if any flat is available at any of 18 OPM free estates , but it was fully occupied.

So Apostle chibuzor thought instead of giving her rent money always, why not buy a mini estate for her so she can leave inside and also rent other flats inside.

So Apostle chibuzor called OPM agent to look for a mini estate that Apostle chibuzor will buy for her on her name.
After one week search, the OPM agent could not find any mini estate for Apostle to buy, he only saw these Bungalow.
So today Monday 18 September 2023 Apostle Chibuzor bought this bungalow house for her so she will no longer disturb Apostle chibuzor for house rent.
By the grace of GOD, Apostle chibuzor has built more than 50 houses for poor widows and has built mini estates for many staffs including the resident pastor of OPM ( mini estate ), PA to GO ( mini estate ) Head of technical of OPM ( mini estate ), Late Chima wife of IKUKU 4 ( mini estate ), the lady in charge of cooking food at OPM free restaurant at ESM university Benin Republic where OPM have more than 650 students on overseas university scholarship and they all eat free of charge at the OPM free restaurant which is the first free restaurant inside a university campus anywhere in the world, Late Deborah parents etc All the mentioned above and many more were all giving a MINI ESTATE free of charge and they are collecting rents from tenants living in them.
And currently some mini free estates are under construction and will be distributed to deserving members of the church.
Not also forgetting that all 43 domestic staffs working in Apostle residence including cleaners, gate man and police men are all landlords and landlady through the property Apostle Chibuzor distributed to all of them.
All are fully funded through tithes and offerings in OPM church.”

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