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Osun PDP Says 12,000 Workers Won’t Make Adeleke’s Payroll, Warns Financial Institutions Against Last Minute Funds Transfer



According to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chapter in Osun State, 12,000 members of various cadres in the state’s civil service will not be on the governor-elect’s payroll when he takes office next month.
Akahi News learned that the PDP said that the Gboyega Oyetola government’s decision to hire 12,000 people after the governorship election on July 16 was illegal. They also said that this was against the regulations and enabling laws for the important rural development project.
After Adeleke is sworn in on November 27, the Osun PDP claims that Adeleke’s administration will immediately annul all recent “illegal and ill-intentioned appointments” made by Oyetola’s administration.
After a Federal High Court in Abuja invalidated Governor Isiaka Oyetola’s nomination as the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for the governorship election on July 16, this new development occurs.
“All key appointments, such as the ones for Iree and Esa Oke Polytechnics as well as the recent “criminal appointment” of the new project coordinator for World Bank sponsored rural access and agricultural mobility agency project, would be promptly upturned,” the state Caretaker Chairman, Dr. Akindele Adekunle, said in a statement.
“We also want to record that the incoming administration has employed over 12,000 employees from various cadres since the elections on July 16.”
We have been advising the general public not to participate in such a destructive agenda.Additionally, we had issued a number of statements stating that such employment was invalid.
The state’s payroll will not include any employment that occurred in the past few weeks.We are aware that the majority of those employed against due process are APC members who are employed with the intention of weakening the state’s financial base.
“In Mr. Oyetola’s final days in office, our administration will not hesitate to fire anyone who was employed in an illegal manner.
Adekunle went on to say, “We also want to put on records that the incoming administration has employed over 12,000 workers of various cadres since the elections on July 16.”
Additionally, the interim chairman cautioned state accountants and financial institutions against agreeing to fund transfers at the last minute.
Adekunle noticed that the state government had recently moved a lot of money out of the state treasury.
Therefore, to avoid complicity and criminal partnership, he urged the necessary financial institutions to investigate the matter immediately.
Adekunle also made the observation that the state was about to lose out on the $150 million rural access and agricultural mobility agency that was supported by the World Bank due to the “illegal sacking” of the current project coordinator, whose appointment had been advertised. In 2020, the National Coordinator would be in charge of selecting and supervising World Bank officials.


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