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The land dispute did not lead to the creation of Oti Region, according to Regional Minister

Contrary to what has been reported, the Oti Regional Minister, Joshua G. Makubu, claims that there was no land dispute that led to the Region’s creation.

He asserts that the purpose of the Region’s creation was to foster growth.
He stated that the Oti Region’s establishment has resulted in significant progress for the local populace.Mr. Makubu made the observation that the Region would not have existed if the region had not been established.
During a press briefing on the progress of the Region’s infrastructure development on Sunday, he made this statement.
Mr. Makubu insisted that despite their separation, the people of Oti and Volta Regions remain united and cohesive.
Oti Region was not established as a result of any land dispute.It was not because of a conflict between the Volta people and Oti people.Oti and Volta are the same thing, but not many people are aware of this.Even though we are not voltarians, we have learned and spoken Ewe with voltarians in the Oti Region at this very moment.

“They are our brothers; our friendship with Volta Region is still intact; we have always considered ourselves to be one; however, it is only when it comes to sharing the national cake that you will discover that there is Volta and there is Oti.However, our culture and way of life have not changed,” he stated.
Additionally, the Minister disclosed that the Region has iron ore.He asserted that the country’s economy will undergo significant change as a result of the discovery of iron ore.

He stated, “I want to advise people in Accra to start looking for land in the Oti Region because the iron ore has been found in the Oti Region and is going to take Ghana from our current state to a very industrialized nation.”
As per him, the revelation has been made in more prominent amounts by the Ghana Coordinated Iron Mineral Advancement Enterprise in a joint effort with the Topographical Help Division.
He went on to say that the iron ore was discovered in the Oti Region’s Guan, Biakoye, Jasikan, Kajebi, and Krachi districts.

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