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Oyo: In Ibadan, a three-story house is built on the site of a collapsed cemetery



The collapse of a three-story building in the Adabor Junction, Ashi, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State area has resulted in the loss of several millions of Naira worth of goods.

It is understood that the church, pharmacy, and supermarket building collapsed around midnight on Sunday, but no one was injured.
According to Akahi News, the security guard who was the only one present at the scene of the incident escaped.
A local spoke about the incident, saying that the land on which the building was built used to be a cemetery before it was sold and changed during Governor Alao Akala’s time in office.
According to The Nation, the resident named Tunde Abulesowo stated that:“Before the building was constructed, all of the corpses in the cemetery were exhumed when the land was sold. The building was constructed during the administration of former Governor Akala.
“Before it later came down, the building had been showing signs of cracking, and millions of goods and properties were trapped in the rubbles.”
“We are making efforts to salvage the goods and ensure that hoodlums do not have access to it so that they will not cart it away; we have called the Police and NEMA, and neither a life nor an injury were sustained,” the authorities stated.
Sade Aderibigbe, another resident, said that at first, they thought it was an ongoing armed robbery, but later found out that the building fell down.
She stated,We were terrified, thinking it was armed robbers, when we suddenly heard a loud shaking sound at midnight.
When we arrived at the scene, “we rushed out to the scene, and upon seeing that the building had sunk and collapsed,”

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