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How to Pass, Crush & Soar above Cut-off in 2022 OAU Post UTME



Due to the merging of scores from JAMB and OAU Post UTME this year, many candidates are unsure of what to do and how to pass.

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In preparation for the upcoming Post UTME Screening Exercise, which can be completed online using “Proctee Software” like the previous one, here are some helpful hints and tricks.

When applying for admission, the first thing to keep in mind is whether or not you have the right subject combination.It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for scientists.Medical, agricultural, and scientific faculties all use the BCP (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) combination.EGM (Economics, Government, and Mathematics) suffices for the Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, whereas CMP (Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics) applies to technology and GMP (Geography, Mathematics, and Physics) to environmental designs (EDM).
Both EGL and GLR apply to the arts and law.

Check the Cutoff Marks from the Previous Year By looking at the cutoff marks from the previous year, you can figure out if the score you got on the UTME and O’level is good enough for the course you want to apply to and how many points you need to get on the Post-UTME.

Keep in mind that the o’level for OAU is 10, the post-UTME is 40, and the UTME is 50—the same as your score from UTME/8.For instance, someone who wants to study Nursing at OAU and had a final cutoff of 72.9 had 285 on the UTME, or 35.625, and 7.8 on the O’level, for a total of:72.9-43.425=29.475, indicating that the candidate will need a minimum score of 30/40 in Post UTME in order to meet the previous cutoff mark. 35.625+7.8= 43.425.Additionally, keep in mind that the cutoff mark is established following the UTME.It could decrease or increase.You can simply determine your aggregate and the amount of work required by checking the previous cutoff.

Have a Mentor One way to know where you stand might be to have a mentor.It could be a friend, parent, teacher, tutor, or even a student from the department you want to work in.In order to inspire you, these people offer insights based on their own experiences.You should make it a point to make friends who share your goals and give you positive energy.
Enroll in a Good Tutorial Enrolling in a Good Tutorial, especially for OAU Post UTME, is essential.You should enroll in a tutorial that prioritizes your interests and is well-equipped, both in terms of experienced instructors and infrastructure, with everything you need to succeed in your exam.Ife has a tutorial we recommend.They have produced numerous students who have excelled over the years and are experienced in Post UTME, UTME, School of Nursing, and other online and in-person tutorials.

Meet Students Some of us are taking the Post UTME for the first time, while others are taking it for the second time. Meeting and forming a network with other applicants and students is a good way to build relationships, and you will be informed of any relevant information that becomes available.Meet students who have been accepted into the department you want, get to know them, learn from their experiences, and improve how you think.

As a result, we suggest that you join the OAU Aspirants and Students Facebook Group to meet other aspirants and students.
Get Past Questions It is common knowledge that OAU replaced the English portion of the Post UTME with the Aptitude Test a few years ago.The exam now consists of 40 questions, 10 of which are on aptitude (such as general knowledge) and 10 of which are from the three subjects you studied during the UTME.Therefore, the purpose of Past Questions is to inform you of the format of the questions and the types of questions you can anticipate on your examination.
Choose a Good Exam Center If the next Post UTME will be online like the previous one, you should write your exam in a center or location that meets the requirements for the online exam to avoid touching stories.After preparing so well, you can’t afford to waste all of your time and effort on the day of the exam.

As we did the previous time, we at AABECS have set up the logistics for a decent location where you can take the Online Exam.For additional details, you can get in touch with us.
Don’t Give Up They say it’s hard to get in, right?I say that nothing is easy; it all depends on how strong your resistance is and how much you put up with it.Some people will get something and be content with it, others won’t get what they wanted, and everyone can’t get in at once.

However, there are some of us who always try our hardest to get what we want. Yes, I say:
I’ve also observed something else out there.The strongest warrior does not always prevail in battle, and the fastest runner does not always win the race.The skilled are not always wealthy, and the wise occasionally go hungry.Additionally, education is not always associated with success.Being in the right place at the right time determines everything (NLV, Ecc.).9:11).
You only need to keep your head up and wait for your time to come; allow chance and time to work in your favor.
I wish you a successful admissions year, and I am rooting for you to keep climbing higher.


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