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Peter Okoye Unveils the Identities of 17 Yahoo Boys Who Have Been Acting Like Him Online



Peter Okoye, a singer from Nigeria who goes by the stage name Mr. P, has exposed 17 internet con artists who are also known as Yahoo Boys. These people conned some of his fans by pretending to be him online.
According to Akahi News, the award-winning singer shared the identities of the fraudsters on his Twitter account, where they were questioned and there was ample evidence.
Peter Okoye claims that all 17 suspects have admitted to the crime and will soon face charges in court.
The singer claimed that the con artists were making use of the platform by giving away fake prizes.
He penned:My dear friends!Particularly those who use Facebook!Take a good look at some of the con artists. In the name of the “ZOOM GIVEAWAY,” you are indirectly depositing your hard-earned money into the bank account they set up under the name PETER OKOYE!
“With all of the evidence available, over 17 of them have been taken into custody and questioned!They have all admitted guilt and will be tried in court!In addition, they have since admitted in court that there are still hundreds of them! This is a story for a different day!Happy weekend!


‘We Don Change Am For Them’

Meanwhile, Mr P recently said that the Nigerian government has messed with the wrong generation.

The singer stated this while reacting to trending audio alleged to be the voice of the vice presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Kashim Shettima.

The voice in the audio revealed plans of uprooting Igbos from Lagos state and handing it over to the original owners of the state.

The voice alleged that some Yorubas informed him that Northerners were the ones who gave the Igbos the ease to take over Lagos.

The voice stated that after four years they would make sure that Igbos are no longer useful in the Southeast.

Reacting to the audio via Twitter, Mr P said that the youths are showing the government that they are now forensic analysts.


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