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Obidients Are Attacked by Police:We Will Keep an Eye Out: A Group Writes to President Buhari and State Governors



According to Akahi News, during a peaceful rally in September, supporters of the LP flag bearer were subjected to tear gas by police.
The assault allegedly took place in response to a directive from Dave Umahi, the state governor.
The state government, on the other hand, denied issuing the order.

SERAP urged President Muhammadu Buhari and state governors to always welcome freedom of expression, assembly, and equal participation during campaigns in a statement released on Sunday in response to the attack.
The organization advised Buhari to publicly instruct the police to safeguard the political participation rights of all Nigerians.
Before the elections in 2023, the group promised to keep an eye on how authorities protect fundamental rights.
According to Oluwadare, citizens would be able to effectively contribute to the country’s democracy if the rights of all citizens to speak and gather were respected.

He stated, “These rights cannot be denied or diminished due to divergent political views or affiliations.”
“We would take all appropriate legal actions to ensure that those who violate these rights are held accountable.”
“The reports of violations must be investigated promptly and thoroughly, and any suspected perpetrators must be brought to justice.
“The victims must have access to effective remedies and justice.”

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