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“Politics is tough” – Regina Daniels opens up, speaks on criticisms trailing marriage to Billionaire – VIDEO



  • In a recent captivating interview, Regina Daniels delved deeply into the intriguing tale of her husband’s persuasive efforts to lure her into the world of politics.
  • She passionately recounted her experience during the Delta North Senatorial election campaign.
  • This doting mother of two artfully shared her remarkable ability to gracefully balance her thriving acting career with her prestigious role as the Social Secretary of the distinguished Senator’s Wives Association of Nigeria.

Renowned Nigerian actress Regina Daniels offered a glimpse into her intriguing foray into the world of politics during senatorial campaign for hubby, Ned Nwoko.

Her unwavering dedication and fervent campaigning played a pivotal role in securing Ned Nwoko’s triumphant electoral victory, which, in turn, earned her the prestigious appointment as the Social Secretary of the distinguished Senator’s Wives Association of Nigeria.

In a fresh and compelling BBC Pidgin interview, Regina Daniels fielded questions about her intriguing life as the wife of a politician, a devoted mother, a celebrated actress, and the recent wave of criticisms that have washed over her on social media.

During the interview, Regina Daniels vividly recalled a significant moment when her husband, in a bid to encourage her, broached the subject of her potential entry into politics. However, she staunchly opposed the idea, asserting that despite her innate inclination to assist others, she firmly believed that the demanding and challenging world of politics was not a suitable path for someone of her disposition.

In her candid discussion, Regina Daniels delved into her recent appointment as the Social Secretary of the Senator’s Wives Association of Nigeria. She also shed light on her unique role as the wife of a prominent politician.

Addressing the persistent criticisms surrounding her seemingly affectionate portrayal of her relationship with her husband online, Regina emphatically clarified that there’s no pretense involved. She asserted that the genuine warmth and connection people witness in their online presence mirrors precisely what transpires in their private moments behind closed doors.

Regina Daniels passionately shared that her deep love for acting persists, despite her marriage to a billionaire. She shared her approach to distributing the modest earnings she receives from producers.

Regarding the controversy surrounding her online posts of substantial bundles of cash during a period of financial scarcity, Regina clarified that it wasn’t a deliberate act.

The mother of two further delved into the dynamic of sharing parental responsibilities with her husband and how it seamlessly harmonizes with their busy professional lives, allowing them to maintain their active engagement in their respective careers and daily activities.




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