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“Poor upbringing made me hungry for love” – Esther Nwachukwu



  • Actress Esther Nwachukwu makes a disclosure of how growing up was for her
  • The thespian revealed that she had a very poor upbringing which affected her and made her desperately long for love

Actress Esther Nwachukwu, opens up about the impact of her difficult upbringing and how it fueled her hunger for love.

In a candid interview with Punch Saturday Beats, Esther revealed how Growing up with a relative made her face countless challenges that shaped her perspective on life and relationships.

Esther sheds light on the profound effect her upbringing had on her life and offers startling insights on the damages it caused her.

She said:

“I did not grow up with my parents. I grew up with relatives, and I was maltreated.”

“Yes, it affected me,  In every relationship I have been involved in, I have always needed more love. I just want to be loved.”

On claims of dating married colleague, Junior Pope, she said:

” We were very good friends, but he is not a straight-forward person.

“I cannot make advances at a man. It is a man who would make advances on me. He knows he cannot reach out to me (since I called him out), because I have blocked him everywhere (on social media),” she stated.

Talking about her recent claim of only dating married men, she stated.

“I did not mean what I said. I was just using it to ‘catch cruise’. I am a very controversial person.”

“I am not doing it to grow followers on social media. I lost my Instagram page with hundreds of thousands of followers because of my controversy. I was raised in a bitter way. I wasn’t raised with love. That is why I am this way. If I make money, I will stop being controversial.”

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