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Portable Mocks Nigerian Graduates Who Shamed Him For Being Uneducated



Habeeb Okikiola, a controversial Nigerian singer who goes by Portable, has mocked those who claim that he lacks education.
According to Akahi News, the singer, who is currently performing on a music tour in Germany and other countries, displayed dollar bills obtained from the performance on his Instagram page.
In the video, the “zazu” singer said that he had made so much money that he could buy the homes of his friends, who had made fun of him when he was younger because he didn’t have a degree.
Hours after confronting concertgoers for not showering him with enough cash at a concert in Germany, the singer mocked his graduate friends.
Potable complained to the concertgoers in one of the shared videos that he was receiving less financial support.
At some point, the “zazu” singer started ranting and asking the audience if they thought it was easy for him to perform in Germany.
In the meantime, Portable has responded to a claim made by DJ Chicken, a former friend of his.
The Disc Jockey claimed that he had an affair with Portable’s wife and also conceived her, according to Niger News.
This was said over the weekend during a live Instagram session, and he criticized the singer for forgetting how their friendship began.
In response to DJ Chicken’s assertions, Portable attributed the allegations to his superstar lifestyle, asserting that the DJ was attempting to exploit him in order to boost his popularity.
The Zazoo singer went on to urge his former friend to reveal which of his wives he had allegedly conceived with.
Additionally, he requested that he reveal whether he is the father of his first, second, or third child.
Portable went on to say that he might have to tell his boys to attack DJ Chicken again, as they did months ago.


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