Prediabetes reversible; Diabetes not reversible – Dietician

A dietician at Glitz Medical Centre, Nii Amartey has said that prediabetes is curable compared to diabetes.

People living with prediabetes are widely considered diabetic patients, with the belief that both health conditions are the same.

But speaking on Joy Prime’s morning show on Tuesday, the dietician cleared the air by saying that some medications cause prediabetes, which can be reversed if detected early and well treated.

“People feel that if you have prediabetes and your sugar level is spiking up it means you’ll be diabetic. Prediabetes is reversible; diabetes is never reversible,” he explained.

He also debunked the myth that people living with diabetes are prone to amputation.

He said one can only be amputated if the health care requirements are not strictly adhered to.

“If you have diabetes, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be amputated. If you control your blood sugar, you’ll never get your leg amputated,” he said.


The dietician further noted that natural products, including herbs and food, are not remedies for curing diabetes. He said they can only help manage the ailment.

He also mentioned that the disease can become complicated when the blood sugar is not properly managed for a period of time. According to him, it destroys the nerves, thereby contributing to blindness.

In the meantime, he said prediabetes is a serious health condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

Speaking on the role of dieting in better food management for diabetic patients, the dietician indicated that there is a management tool for all patients, regardless of their financial status.

Despite the fact that the life span for diabetic patients is mostly limited, Mr. Amartey revealed that it can be prolonged if the individual lives healthy and manages their blood sugars.

However, individuals are advised to constantly get screened and work on their weight to avoid getting diabetes.

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