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Sarah Martins slams Rita Edochie for interfering in allegation of plot against Danielle



  • Nollywood actress Sarah Martins hits back at veteran actress Rita Edochie over accusations related to negative social media comments about Yul Edochie’s daughter.
  • Martins is accused of orchestrating paid trolls to post negative comments. Edochie gets involved, levies more accusations against Martins, who denies involvement in tears.
  • Sarah Martins takes to Instagram, strongly addressing Edochie’s allegations, urging her to stay away from sensationalism and clout chasing.
  • Martins denies bullying May Edochie and challenges Edochie to provide evidence.

Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has taken a firm stand against veteran actress Rita Edochie’s allegations.

The feud erupted over allegations of plotting against May and Yul Edochie’s daughter, Danielle.

The controversy was ignited when Sarah Martins was accused of orchestrating negative comments on social media through paid trolls targeting actor Yul Edochie’s daughter.

Sarah Martins responds to Rita Edochie's accusations in heated exchange
A photo of Sarah Martins.

Rita Edochie, took it upon herself to further delve into the matter, levying more accusations against Martins after the latter vehemently denied any involvement through tearful refutations.

In a swift and unapologetically bold response, Sarah Martins took to her Instagram account to unleash a barrage of words aimed at Rita Edochie.

Sarah Martins responds to Rita Edochie's accusations in heated exchange
A photo of Rita Edochie.


With a tone that resonated with a mix of frustration and indignation, Martins addressed Edochie’s accusations while also admonishing her for supposedly attempting to gain attention through sensationalism.

In her now-viral length post, Martins did not mince words.

Martins continued to defend herself, asserting that she had never directly or indirectly bullied May Edochie on her social media platforms.

She challenged Edochie to present evidence if she wished to accuse her of such behavior.

“Rita Edochie or whatever you call yourself, kindly keep my name off your mouth! I know you love chasing clout and you studied clout chasing but kindly do not get my name involved!

“I have NEVER directly or indirectly bullied May Edochie on my page so before you accuse me of bullying please come correct! Screenshot where I mentioned her name on my posts or shut the hell up!,” she wrote.

“Madam Rita Edochie, let today be the first and last time you will mention my name on those your wrinkled mouth!
Screenshot and post where I mentioned May Edochie in your listed accusations or shut the hell up!

“If you wanna come for me please come with receipts”
Evil people are always fast to attach people’s names to post that has nothing to do with them!

“I have NEVER bullied or trolled May after my public apology to her over the doctored pictured I shared as a third party.
You can feel free to assume whatever you want from my innocent cruise posts that’s entirely your business!

“Until I mention her name and make a post then you can boldly hold me accountable as a bully but until then, STOP CHASING CLOUT WITH MY NAME and take my video off your page!!!!,” she added.

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