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Setback As Oscar Rejects Kunle Afolayan’s Movie ‘Anikulapo’, Nigerians React



Kunle Afolayan, a seasoned Nigerian filmmaker, has expressed regret following the Oscars’ rejection of his most recent film, “Anikulapo,” in advance of the 2023 ceremony.

The Oscars are an organization established by the American and international film industries to recognize excellence in artistic and technical fields.Many people consider the awards to be the most prestigious in the entertainment industry worldwide.
According to Akahi News, “Anikulapo” debuted on Netflix and in theaters across Nigeria on September 30, 2022, and it received numerous praises from numerous Nigerians.
The filmmaker said on Twitter that despite the Nigeria Oscar selection committee’s rejection of his film, he would continue to promote good works.
He tweeted,Even though the Nigerian Oscar selection committee believes that it is not worthy of being submitted for the Oscars, the fact that the entire world has decided to label the ANIKULAPO film “a masterpiece” is something that makes me so happy.will continue making my own decisions.
Reactions from Nigerians The post prompted numerous responses from Nigerians.
yinkkky wrote that:Beautiful work of art, I can’t wait to see your movies.As usual, I adored the tradition and culture of projection and display.The film has outstanding originality and rich content.Damfel.0la wrote, “Thanks for gracing our screens with this.”I have to say that Love is not enough to leave everything behind is a great movie.You don’t need their approval anyway; anyone, even the blind, can recognize your genius; we agree.I paused the movie I was watching on Netflix with the remote control, went to the movie theater, and started over.Saro has been a bad boy, according to gbekes_touche:It’s a great movie, and I was glued to my phone until the end. They should hold an Oscar ceremony because the majority of people voted for Anikulapo.I have seen the movie twice and enjoyed it, especially the last line, “When you choose an action, be ready to face the consequence.” The actors were perfect for every role. “E ku ise, eyin loga” was written by debolalagos.It was so enjoyable to watch!By the grace of God, you will soon receive greater honor.Eku ise is a takun takun.”
The most recent Nigerian film, “Anikulapo,” produced by Kunle Afolayan, demonstrates that Yoruba Nollywood is gradually elevating the entire industry. Bimbo Ademoye and Kunle Remi ruin it with a nude scene.
Without a doubt, “Anikulapo” is a great film with beautiful costumes and scenery that is very inviting and pleasing.
The film’s lessons on greed, according to some internet users, would have been ideal for moonlight tales and educational tales for children; however, the lead actors, Bimbo Ademoye and Kunle Remi, ruin it with what many people called “unnecessary nude” scenes.
Bimbo, the youngest wife of the Alaafin, raped Saro, Kunle, a traveling clothes weaver, in a scene in the movie.
Also, the two of them took off their clothes to have sex, and the scene showed Kunle’s buttock and Bimbo’s breasts.
Despite the film’s 18+ rating, many Nigerians complained that the nude scene was completely unnecessary for such a beautiful work.

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