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When thugs brutalize a supporter of Peter Obi in Lagos, Sowore reacts



Omoyele Sowore, the African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate, has criticized the attack in Lagos on supporters of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi.
According to Akahi News, @ObiFlagboy described on Monday how he was brutally attacked by thugs in the Oshodi area of Lagos State while going about his regular campaigning for his preferred candidate.
He claims that they went out as usual to display the #ObiDatti flag when the thugs attacked, assaulted, and even poured fuel on them. Their phones were smashed, despite the fact that they had done nothing wrong.
He went on to say that a uniformed man tried to intervene, but the thugs kept hitting them with the iron rod that supported the flag, so his pleas were ignored.
Sowore tweeted his reaction to the incident on Sunday night, pleading with the Nigeria Police and the Department of Public Prosecution to resolve the matter and bring criminal charges against those who are suspected of being responsible.
Sowore asserts that no Nigerian citizen is deserving of such cruelty regarding their political decisions.
Sowore wrote, referring to the young men’s videos:In Lagos, @OfficialAPCNg supporters attacked and brutalized @NgLabour supporters of @PeterObi.Any Nigerian citizen who is subjected to this level of cruelty due to their political choices must be prosecuted accordingly.

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