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Why Speed Darlington’s relative confronts Him on TikTok live will shock your Bones



During a live TikTok video, a relative of Darlington Okoye, who is more commonly referred to as Speed Darlington, was caught on camera cursing the Nigerian rapper on social media.

In a video that went viral, his relative was heard berating him in Igbo for using profane language in front of her young children while continuing his usual rant on social media.
The woman confronted the rapper, who is allegedly squatting with her, accusing him of using inappropriate language in front of her young children.
Darlington retorted that she shouldn’t expect him to stop doing what he is known for just because there were children around.
Even though she had never visited him at his house, the woman could be heard asking the rapper why he came to stay with her.
The socialite, who was still having a live session with fans, made the decision to focus the camera on the woman and her children, which upset her, so she got up and slammed the device to the ground.
The pair continued to converse with one another.




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