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How Apostle Suleman Survived a Gunfight: A Witness and a Suspect Arrested



Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry, was able to escape an attack on his convoy on Friday, according to a witness.
The cleric’s convoy was reportedly attacked by gunmen on Warrake Road in the Auchi area of Edo State, as previously reported by Akahi News.
Seven people, including three police officers, perished as a result of the incident.
The source claims that the gunmen who were following Apostle Suleman from Benin City opened fire in the area of the river Ole.
According to a source who spoke with Daily Trust, Apostle Suleman refused to travel on the Benin-Auchi road due to its poor condition.
According to the source, the gunmen mistake Apostle Suleman for being inside one of the back vehicles and open fire on the two vehicles that are behind his vehicle.
According to the source, “He was returning from Benin to Auchi after a program, and he took the Ifor road in Ondo State because the Benin-Auchi road was in bad shape.” When they reached the Ole River, the men who had been following him opened fire on his convoy;The “front vehicle” was driven by Apostle Suleman himself, with two vehicles following behind;When they reached a location with a speed breaker, they slowed down.
“The gunmen opened fire on them because they believed he was in one of the back vehicles and killed two police officers, a woman, and two drivers.Apostle Suleiman, when you heard the gunshots. sped up and ran away from the scene.
According to the source, the gunmen made a U-turn and headed toward Benin after realizing they had missed their target. However, the vigilante and security team, which included soldiers and police, pursued them.
According to the source, “The gunmen hijacked a bus, killed one of the female passengers, and used others as a cover for escape when they discovered that security was after them.” However, one of them has been detained.


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