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Five people are killed in Benue State by alleged herdsmen



Five people were killed Wednesday afternoon at Yelwata in the Guma Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State by suspected herdsmen.
According to Akahi News, a local named Orduen claimed that the suspected herders entered the community around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday and fired at people on their farms.
They were herders who stormed our Yelwata community around noon today.With guns and machetes, they assaulted a number of people who were working on their farm.
They fled to the bush immediately after wreaking havoc, and some of the injured ran into the community to inform us.
According to Orduen’s account, “at the time youths went in search of our people who went to the farm, we discovered the lifeless bodies of five people and six people were injured and taken to a hospital for treatment.”
Through Waku Christopher, the council’s security adviser, the chairman of the local government, Mike Uba, confirmed that five people had been killed and that four others had been injured.
He stated, “It is true, it is the same herdsmen and farmers; five farmers were attacked in their farm, killing three or four people, and three or four people were injured.”
SP Catherine Anene, a spokesperson for the State Command, stated that officers had been sent to the community to confirm the incident.
She stated, “The Yelwata community attack is confirmed.”The operation is still being carried out by police officers who were sent to the location.Please allow me to reveal the specifics as soon as the operation is finished.


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