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“The problem in this country is too much” Actress Joke Jigan cries out over death threats from assassin



  • Actress Joke Jigan cries out over recent threat from a hired assassin
  • Joke shared screenshot of chat between her and the assassin who told her he has been keeping a close eye on her for sometime
  • The supposed assassin had revealed he was hired to kill her

Popular Nollywood actress Joke Jigan has recently raised alarm and cried out for help, revealing that she has been receiving terrifying death threats from an unknown assassin.

In an Instagram post, Joke revealed the ongoing distress she has been living with, as she unveils the relentless pursuit of her life by this faceless assassin.

The Yoruba actress posted screenshots of her conversation with the man who threatened to hurt her on her Instagram page.

From the discussions, the man, who appears to know the actress, claimed he has been constantly monitoring her for a few days and has discovered that she is innocent of the charges brought against her.

He asserted that the movie star was the target of a hit but that he refrained from killing her because he believed she was innocent.

However, he forewarned Joke not to deliver the message to the police because doing so would force him to carry out his nefarious conduct.

Joke told him that she wasn’t negotiating with him and that she wanted him to follow out his threats.

Sharing the chat, she wrote :

Wahala too much for this Tinubu Nigeria o!
Me that woke up very hungry”.

In a related news, Eniola Badmus laments as she receives menacing death threats after jailing TikToker

This unsettling development follows her recent legal actions against TikToker Ego Blessing Okoye, whom she took to court for defamation.

Eniola Badmus, a prominent figure in the Nigerian film industry, posted on her Snapchat account to draw attention to the disturbing situation.

In her post, she shared a screenshot of a phone number she claims is responsible for the death threats.

She accompanied the image with a plea to her followers, requesting them to call the number and stand up against the threat that has been looming over her.

She wrote;

Guys pls call this number and frustrate his soul his been sending death threats.”



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