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There Is No Disunity Between Tinubu And Osinbajo – Keyamo

Festus Keyamo, the spokesman for the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), has made it clear that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Bola Tinubu, the party’s candidate for president, are on the same page.
He maintains that the Nigerian media’s calculations, not the party’s actual discord, account for the alleged division between them.
According to Akahi News, Keyamo referred to Osinbajo as an older brother in a Punch Newspaper article. The fact that Osinbajo did not win the party’s primaries does not diminish the respect that the party has for him in any way.
He stated that while he might not yet be able to determine whether Osinbajo would participate in the campaign for Tinubu, he was certain that President Buhari himself had instructed Osinbajo to face governance rather than participate in the campaign.
“Look, don’t be a part of the campaign council, the president himself said.For the time being, relax and face governance.Keyamo stated to The PUNCH that the president had stated that.
Keyamo made the observation when discussing Tinubu’s next plan of action following the PCC’s inauguration that there has not yet been a clear statement regarding the region in which the campaign will begin.
However, he stated that the party will decide next week where the campaign kickoff location should be.
Keyamo said, “Our party is like a 50-ton trailer that you want to manoeuvre onto the highway,” comparing the APC to that size.It is not the same as the numerous small cars that you can simply kick into motion.To ensure the effectiveness of the brake, you must thoroughly warm the engine before maneuvering a 50-ton trailer onto the highway.This is because it is a large machine and cannot be stopped if it enters the highway.
People should also keep in mind that the APC is the ruling party with the president, who has other commitments and a presidential diary to work with at the apex of the PCC, in addition to the fact that the party is the largest and has more deeply rooted interests than the PDP, according to the APC PCC spokesperson.
“Those who are familiar with the presidential diary can complete it from now until January.It is difficult to meet with the president, let alone set up an appointment.Another thing entirely is the desire to schedule a frantic campaign activity into that diary.
“Aside from that, governors, stakeholders, the party leadership, the National Working Committee (NWC), and all of that have other interests.Keyamo continued, “We are synchronizing all of these to ensure that once the campaign begins, it will be seamless without rancor.”

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