NIS: No Permitted Room To Employ Foreign Migrants In 2023 Elections

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) stated that it would not allow the use of foreign migrants from neighboring nations in the elections that will take place in the following year.

Foreign Migrants 2023 Elections

The pledge was made on Thursday by the Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI), Isah Idris, at a meeting at the Service Headquarters in Abuja with top management staff, Zonal Coordinators, and Comptrollers of Commands/Formations. There, an operational briefing was given in preparation for the upcoming general elections in 2023.
During the meeting, the CGI reaffirmed the government’s commitment to a free and fair electoral process for the 2023 general elections and instructed Heads of Commands and Formations across the country to intensify surveillance activities in all locations, including Border Crossing Points, to ensure successful elections, according to a press statement issued by the NIS spokesman, Amos Okpu.
In order to prevent ineligible individuals, particularly migrants, from participating in the nation’s electoral process, he directed the activation and deployment of all of the service’s border security and migration management assets.
The CGI stated,To this end, I am directing that more frequent meetings with all of the communities of migrants in the country be held to educate them about the importance of not participating in the 2023 general elections.
In order to prevent migrant voters from participating in the elections, “Divisional Immigration Officers (DIOs) across the country have been directed to intensify surveillance and engagements with the migrant communities in their areas.”
He disclosed that the Service had recently intercepted and seized some voter cards from certain migrants and warned that any migrant attempting to participate in the country’s electoral process would face severe penalties.
“As Para-military Officers, we are prohibited from political partisanship before, during, and after the elections,” Idris stated, highlighting the Service’s commitment to political neutrality in the performance of statutory duties.As a result, the Service is taking advantage of the opportunity to educate its employees, through their respective Comptrollers, about the significance of remaining apolitical prior to, during, and following the elections as Service members.
He warned that any violations or unprofessional behavior before, during, or after the elections would result in severe sanctions, and he urged all employees to be aware of their responsibilities.

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