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Plans to issue certificates with results are announced by WAEC



After the West African Senior School Certificate Examination candidates have received their results, the West Africa Examination Council has announced that it will make its certificates available to them.
On Tuesday, the Head of National Office, Patrick Areghan, made this clear at a luncheon in Lagos hosted by the exam body.
He added that those who took the exams between 1999 and the present will be eligible for the digital certificate, which will be made available on Thursday, October 20, 2022, and that those who took the exams in years prior will be considered much later.
He asserts that the new digital certificate cannot be altered or falsified, effectively excluding counterfeiters from the market.
He stated, “You don’t have to go through the stress of recovering your certificate whether it was burned, lost due to a flood, or eaten by termites.”Simply pick up your phone and visit our website to access it directly from the WAEC database.
The issue of theft has been resolved.We have relieved you of the burden of carrying your certificate in hard copy.And the good thing that will come out of this is that, if we release the results today, I can tell you that the certificates are prepared by the time we make a final decision and have everything perfected.Just to distribute them.The certificates will automatically be ready for release if we announce the release of results today.The certificates we currently possess will be treated, so the transfer may only take a year. However, as soon as they are treated, they will be accessible in the database.The following one, in 2023 or 2024, will be ready as soon as the results are released.
However, he cited insecurity as one of the issues the organization was having when conducting examinations across the nation.
He stated, “Places you used to travel by road now require you to fly because of insecurity.”The majority of WAEC members now fly.We are the best at moving materials and legs.In hotels, we stay.You also know that you can no longer stay in a hotel because of security concerns.You must remain in a secure location.Exams cannot be conducted in some locations without the presence of the Nigerian Army and police.
“When you travel to the East because of what I will refer to as ethnic separatism;you travel to the north, where banditry and insurgency are prevalent;How do exams in those areas are conducted?We are grateful that some state governments work with us.We would not have been able to conduct the examination if it weren’t for the military and the brigade command in Yobe and Borno States.We acknowledge the DSS in the East.We also extend our gratitude to the Inspector General of Police throughout the nation generally.We distribute the exam to every corner of the nation.Our exam does not require everyone to gather in a single location.In Nigeria, there is no facility like that.You are required to attend the school in order to take the test.That is a significant obstacle.The roads are bad even in some places where there are no bandits, gunmen, or insurgents.In our efforts to serve the Nigerian child, these are the obstacles we face.

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