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“We all thought it was fashion” – Video of Mohbad performing with plaster on swollen lips stirs emotions



  • A resurfaced video shows the late singer, Mohbad performing one of his songs.
  • In the video, Mohbad had a plaster on his lips which appeared a bit swollen.
  • The clip has generated reactions from netizens as they reflect on the late singer’s plight while he was alive.

Following singer, Mohbad’s untimely demise, a lot of videos have been flying around regarding his death and the circumstances surrounding it.

Mohbad who is believed to have been subjected to constant bullying during his time alive has drawn pity from a lot of people. Videos of his ordeal are all over the internet and cybernauts are still exhuming more.

In light of this, a resurfaced video that captured Mohbad performing a song with a plaster on his lips has gotten tongues wagging. In the video, Mohbad who was delivering a live music rendition was spotted with swollen lips and plaster on his mouth.

Now, with his death, netizens have understood that the plaster wasn’t for fashion but maybe a result of another fierce physical assault.

Check out some reactions beneath:


Watch the video below:

In related news, skit maker OGB Recent continues to grapple with profound grief following the loss of his dear friend, Mohbad. In the wake of Mohbad’s passing, OGB Recent shared a shocking photograph on his Instagram page, accompanied by some poignant reflections.

OGB Recent, one of the three celebrities present at Mohbad’s funeral, used his Instagram platform to convey his heartfelt emotions.

He acknowledged that the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s demise were complex.

He went on to express how vividly Mohbad’s memories kept replaying in his mind, highlighting the enduring impact his friend had on his life.

The photograph that OGB Recent posted added another layer of emotion to his message. In the image, a noticeable and healing scar was visible on one side of Mohbad’s chest. 



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