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“We live and die together” – Israel DMW vows loyalty to Davido



  • Israel DMW, logistics manager for superstar singer Davido, publicly pledges lifelong allegiance.
  • The commitment was shared on Instagram, highlighting the unbreakable bond between the two.
  • Israel’s promise includes standing by Davido not just in life, but also in death.
  • A heartfelt message expressed gratitude to Davido, though specific reasons were left undisclosed.

Israel DMW, the esteemed logistics manager of renowned music star Davido Adeleke, has taken to social media to solemnly vow his undying loyalty and allegiance to the acclaimed artist.

Israel DMW, who has stood as a pillar of support behind the scenes of Davido’s meteoric rise, recently communicated his unshakable commitment to remain by the singer’s side throughout life’s journey.

Israel DMW pledges eternal loyalty to Davido
A photo of Israel alongside Davido.

The confirmation of this unyielding loyalty was accentuated by Israel’s assertion that his allegiance to Davido would persist even beyond the boundaries of life and into death itself.

The proclamation was accompanied by a photo capturing the shared experiences between the two men.

In the image, a genuine connection and friendship are evident, reflecting the deep respect and admiration that Israel DMW holds for his boss.

While the Instagram post exuded a strong sense of gratitude, the specifics of the actions that prompted this profound sentiment were not explicitly detailed.

Israel DMW, in his concise message, conveyed his appreciation to Davido without delving into the precise events that led to this declaration of steadfast loyalty.

He wrote;

“We leave together. We die together. Thanks sir. Fucking shit.”

See below;


In other news, Davido’s logistics manager Israel DMW, recently shared the memory of how his ex-girlfriend callously ended their relationship over a mere N150.

Taking to his Instagram story, he shared a photo of him and his ex-girlfriend, Isreal disclosed that she left him because he couldn’t afford to give her N150 in 2001.



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