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Dr. Ken Ashigbey promises to provide evidence of “galamsey” to Akufo-Addo



CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Dr Kenneth Ashigbey.

Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey, convener of the Media Coalition Against Galamsey, has indicated that he is prepared to rely on President Akufo-Addo’s promises to provide evidence of government officials’ involvement in illegal mining.
His assertion is made in light of President Akufo-Addo’s promise to take action against government officials whose complicity in illegal mining activities is demonstrated.On Wednesday, the President made these remarks while addressing a meeting of the National House of Chief.

The President asserts that because he has been engaged in the battle against “galamsey” for a number of years, individuals associated with the government cannot continue to compromise efforts to combat the threat.
As a result, in order for the necessary action to be taken against those who were complicit in the “galamsey,” he urged individuals who had evidence to provide it.
Dr. Ashigbey said in an interview on JoyNews’ Newsfile that there is a lot of evidence that NPP members participate in “galamsey.”

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the ruling NPP, Chairman Wontumi, is alleged to have been involved in the illegality, in addition to presidential appointees who have been implicated in “galamsey.”
“At first, when we did our research at the Office of the Registrar of Companies, we saw his name—Chairman Wontumi—and that of Antwi as shareholders, beneficiary holders, and Directors. After that, I looked for an opportunity to see if he was actually a director, but he signed a letter complaining and called himself Chief Executive.Therefore, it indicates that he is an executive person in charge of the mining of Nimiri forest,” he said.
He went on to say that “that the people of Samreboi, there was a clash between Chairman Wontumi’s workers when he attempted to take mining equipment into the forest reserve and gunshots were fired” is another piece of evidence that the Police have regarding “galamsey.”
According to Dr. Ashigbey, the only way the “galamsey” fight will be successful is if people identify the perpetrators of the threat and ensure that they are brought before the law.
“Being able to act like the Lands Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor, when you see one of your own involved in illegality, you point them out is the only way to fight this successfully.”

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