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“Why I date 18yrs old girls and break up with them before they turn 24” – De General (Video)



  • Nigerian skit maker and comedian De General discusses his dating preferences in a recent video.
  • Reveals he chooses to date women aged 18 to 24 due to their simplicity and lack of marriage pressure.
  • Expresses discomfort with dating women over 24 who often push for marriage.

Popular skit maker De General recently shared his personal perspective on dating preferences, shedding light on his choice to date girls between the ages of 18 and 24.

In a candid video posted, De General explained his rationale behind this preference, attributing it to his desire for a simpler and less pressured dating experience.

A photo of De general.

De General, opened up about his decision not to date women over the age of 24.

He expressed concerns that women in this age group often exert pressure on their partners to move towards marriage, which might not align with his current life goals.

According to him, women within the 18 to 24 age bracket tend to have a more relaxed attitude towards dating and relationships.

He elaborated that his preference for dating younger women is based on his observation that they focus more on enjoying the casual dating experience rather than pushing for a commitment.

Netizens Reactions…

bishy.opeyemi said: “It’s not funny, just as your skits are not also.”

ab_phill opined: “He is obviously looking for young and naive girls to manipulate”

wendy_adamma wrote: “No worry e go reach your daughter turn soon.”

ladyque_1 stated: “You go just open mouth waaaaa”

sweezzy1 noted: “One day you’d look back no one will be there !”

lifeoflagos_ asked: “Seyi apprentice is that you?”

See below;

In other news, Nigerian skit maker and comedian, Joshua Sunday, popularly known as De General, has released his first statement following his release from the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency’s custody on Monday.

The Instagram comedian made a clarification regarding his business, saying that he is not a drug trafficker.

Justice Daniel Osiagor of the Federal High Court on Monday, convicted the comedian alongside Caleb William, a cinematographer.



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