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Sheggz explains why I was checking Modela out after Bella left me



Sheggz, a former Big Brother Naija “Level Up” housemate, has revealed the reason he was admiring Modela on social media.
Remember that Sheggz was caught looking at Modela 24 hours after Bella said on a media tour that she couldn’t say for sure if their relationship would continue.
His fans were outraged by the image, and they criticized him for moving on from Bella so quickly after she changed her mind about their relationship.
After the backlash, Sheggz clarified his position on Modella “relationship-wise” during an Instagram live on Friday. He said that Modella is just a friend.
Sheggz said that Modella has been giving him crazy looks, which he couldn’t help but admire.
He also insisted that Modella is nothing more than his sister.
Bella explains why she is unable to confirm her relationship with Sheggz. Bella, a former “Level Up” housemate on Big Brother Naija, has revealed the current state of her relationship with Sheggz, her love interest.
According to Akahi News, Sheggz and Bella were a hit on the reality show and gave fans hope that they would get married after the show.
However, Bella’s response to a question about her relationship during her media tour on Wednesday shocked some fans.
The reality TV star says that she doesn’t know for sure if her relationship with Sheggz will last after the show.
Bella explained the reasoning behind her statement by stating that she is concentrating entirely on developing her brand.
She also stated that she does not regret her actions and that everything that took place in the Biggie House was for a reason.
The reality TV star went on to say that if she hadn’t been in a relationship with Sheggz, she probably would have been more focused.


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