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‘Why You Should Not Marry An Illiterate’ — Sandra Iheuwa



Sandra Iheuwa, a Nigerian entrepreneur and mother to Nigerian music executive and cum blogger Ubi Franklin, has provided reasons why she recommends avoiding a partner who lacks education.
According to Akahi News, the businesswoman shared her thoughts on a criterion that individuals should consider when selecting partners via her verified Instagram page.
The businesswoman says that people should make sure they marry a kind person and not a bad person.
Sandra Iheuwa also said that relationships won’t work because of a difference of opinion when someone with a master’s degree settles for someone with only a high school diploma.
“In whatever you do, make sure you marry a kind person, not a useless and wicked one—this applies to both sexes—I forgot to include this one—it is very important.
Don’t marry an illiterate person. “You can’t have a meaningful intellectual conversation with this person….it will never work,” she wrote. “Just imagine having a master’s degree and your partner is a high school dropout. The level of thinking won’t be the same.”
Cubana Chiefpriest Reacts To Lady Rocks Bryann’s Recent Action In the meantime, celebrity barman Cubana Chiefpriest has reacted to Bryann’s recent action as a former “Level Up” Housemate of Big Brother Naija.
According to Akahi News, the first runner-up of the most recent reality television show stormed the club for his birthday party.
The reality TV star was caught having fun with an unidentified woman at a club in the video that he posted on his Instagram page.
Cubana Chiefpriest asserted that Bryann has joined the bad boys club in response to the way the lady rocked Bryann.
He jokingly urged him to continue the behavior, but he also reminded him that such a lifestyle also kills.
He penned:Enjoy Life, Baby Brill, and Never Forget Big Nyash Dey Sweet Na Big Nyash Still Dey Kill, @bryannonly Has Joined Bad Guys It’s His Birthday Week.


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