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Young man allegedly kidnapped by social media friend who demanded ransom and forced him to confess to being gay on video



A young man is reportedly traumatized after he was kidnapped, stripped nak3d, and forced to confess to being gay on camera.

The brother of the victim took to Instagram to recount his brother’s tragic experience.

He explained that his family got a call from the kidnappers who demanded a ransom of one million Naira and said failure to pay would result in the murder of their brother, Gozie (pictured above).

In a voice note shared online, the kidnappers are heard warning the family that they would kill Gozie and send his body to his family to eat if the ransom is not paid immediately.


The family ran around for the money while begging the kidnappers to reduce the ransom.

Eventually, the kidnappers agreed to collect N60,000.

However, before releasing their victim, they stripped him naked and forced him to confess on camera to being gay. Gozie eventually made the forced confession when the beating became unbearable.

He returned home late at night, traumatized and unable to speak.

When he finally spoke the following morning, Gozie revealed that one of those in the group that attacked him was a social media friend. The friend claimed to be a chef and asked the victim to “help him out in his shop”. The victim met up with the social media friend but he was led to an uncompleted building and attacked by the friend and others. They also took his phone and refused to return it when he was released.

Swipe to watch videos as the victim and his brother narrate the ordeal…

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