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Yvonne Jegede moved to tears as Kate Henshaw, Mary Njoku, others show her love at 40th birthday party – VIDEO



  • Overflowing with gratitude for the tapestry of life and its diverse experiences, , the illustrious Actress Yvonne Jegede commemorated her 40th birthday with panache, embracing an additional year on August 25, 2023.
  • A throng of her colleagues, predominantly female, gathered en masse to revel in the festivities alongside the Actress.
  • They each took their moments to rain down sweet words upon the jubilant celebrant, offering heartfelt testimonials about the resplendence of her character.

Popular Nigerian Actress, Yvonne Jegede has confidently ascended to the illustrious fourth floor, marking her new age with an extravagant and flamboyant celebration.

The alluring queen of the screen had beforehand graced the realm of social media, commemorating her illustrious fortieth birthday with a display of grace and eternal youthful allure. Yvonne  artfully conveyed her gratitude for the life journey traversed thus far.

However, her festivities didn’t culminate there; instead, she hosted an extravagant party to joyously celebrate, attracting a constellation of renowned female Nollywood stars who adorned the occasion with their presence.

A stunning lineup of Nollywood’s crème de la crème, featuring stars like Kate Henshaw, Osas Ighodaro, Mary Lazarus, Mary Remmy Njoku, Chizzy Alichi, and others, exuded an aura of sophistication with their elegantly adorned attires, adding an extra layer of charm to the extravagant bash.

In the video, Yvonne moved gracefully to the rhythm, swaying to the melodies while being serenaded by 2face’s timeless track, “African Queen” – a tune that holds special significance as Yvonne once starred as the enchantress in its music video during her earlier hustling days.


Kate Henshaw and a cohort of her peers embraced the spotlight to recount their cherished moments with Yvonne, showering her with praises and heartfelt anecdotes.

They also extended their heartfelt wishes for her to have numerous more years ahead, leaving Yvonne Jegede feeling overwhelmed with emotions and bringing tears to her eyes.





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