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How I ‘deal’ with social media trolls who bully my son and I – Tega Dominic

Tega, a Big Brother Naija alumna, has discussed how she deals with online bullies who target her and her son.
During a recent submission in which she discussed how she has overcome social media trolling, the controversial reality television star made mention of this.

Tega, a single mother of one, stated that rather than allowing trolls to control her, she sought out a quality that the troll lacked in order to feel better.She stated,
My son and I were subjected to bullying at one point.When I looked at the person’s profile, I found that they had just created the account.I thought, “This person cannot even face me with his real account and speak to me directly.” in my head.
This indicates that I am significantly superior to the individual.A person with a blue tick on Instagram will never bully another person.I just said, “This cannot be it,” and gave myself courage.

My sister or assistant might come to my room and see me laughing while I’m being trolled.Since the troll has fine legs, I might think to myself, “My legs are even finer and this one is talking.”My ego is constantly soothed by something.Bullying and trolling have never been more prevalent in my life.I wonder what the experiences of those who came before me were like.
Akahi News recalls that Tega Dominic sent out a PSA to Phyna fans and the general public amid criticism.
In a recent podcast, Tega said that Phyna, her housemate from season seven, is “annoyingly loud.” She also said that she has similar characteristics to Whitemoney because she uses the slang “who dey,” which she doesn’t like.She stated,
“Phyna, from my perspective, is a very sweet girl; however, given what you said about her shouting, I would request voluntary exit.My perception of Phyna is clouded by her annoyingly loud voice.When I first looked at her, I thought, “This girl is actually fine,” but then she started saying “who dey who dey.” I was already bored from my season of “Who Dey,” and now it’s back.

Tega issued a PSA on Sunday, September 11 to elaborate on her earlier statement.The single mother asserted that she was not attempting to bring Phyna down, nor did she dislike her; however, shouting at random for no reasonable reason triggers her.
Tega mentioned that Whitemoney was loud only when they were excited about winning a task or at a party, not like Phyna randomly.
Tega said that she would have pointed the finger at Giddyfia for being loud, but his laughter, which she said was contagious like Giddyfia’s, was his own way of being loud.She writes:

Dear phyna fans, I have read the comments on a number of platforms and, to be honest, I have laughed a lot.
However, reading some of the words shocked me quite a bit.I was told not to write this piece, but frankly, I need to clarify some things.
Please clarify that throughout my life, I have never made derogatory statements to my friends or anyone, even those who have turned me into enemies. I have seen comments and even DMS from individuals claiming that I am a woman and that I am saying trash to bring another woman down.My statements about Phyna were not made out of hatred; I have never brought anyone down to elevate me or bring up another;I’ll explain this to those who judged without watching the entire video right now.
“Phyna is “annoyingly” loud,” I declared.I apologize for using the word “annoyingly” when I meant that her screams are sometimes unnecessary, especially when they occur in the house when people are resting and doing nothing, and they are not comforting to me.This does not indicate that I dislike her;Before I made that statement, I explicitly mentioned her qualities.Yes, I would have requested a voluntary exit because the game is a trigger for me and I wouldn’t want to put anyone in harm’s way.Whitemoney, according to some, was loud;Why did I remain there?I’ll explain why.
Whitemoney would always say “who dey” at parties or when we won something, but he was never loud in the house.That’s why I said I’d ask for a voluntary exit if we ever had a loud personality because that makes me anxious.
It’s natural for people to have different triggers;Saga would be the loudest person I could describe, but his laughter is infectious.Like gidifaya, he can make you laugh even when you don’t want to. This is a good thing.
Because I am aware that some individuals will read this and others will not, I am taking this opportunity to provide a comprehensive explanation because it is TEGA.This is so hypocritical because some of you are and have always been in my comment section displaying a reflection of what you actually are, and I still do not blame you for that. It is not like I care, but just because I hate the narrative that you are a woman and doing dadada to a woman.The society in which we live is to blame.
To the people who love Phyna, I don’t hate your girl or anyone else in the house because hate is the most important thing.
Phyna has always been a powerful factor, regardless of whether you win or lose!therefore, keep your focus and disregard the unnecessary.
My thoughts don’t matter, and neither does anyone else’s. I wish her well in everything she does around the house.

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