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‘Remove the Ghana flag from your neck’ – Judge orders Oliver Barker-Vormawor



Oliver Barker-Vormawor, convener of the #FixTheCountry Movement, was given an order to “remove the Ghana flag from his neck” by a High Court Judge on Thursday morning.
The Cambridge PhD student had a walking stick and was in Criminal Court 3 chatting with his lawyers while he was wearing the Ghanaian flag.
This occurred prior to Justice Mary Maame Akua Yanzu, who is in charge of the treason case against the youth activist, entering the courtroom and issuing a court order.
Oliver Barker-Vormawor made his way from the gallery into the dock while still covered in the Ghanaian flag when Justice Mary Maame Akua Yanzu entered the courtroom and called Oliver Barker-Vormawor’s case.
The piercing voice of Justice Mary Maame Akua Yanzu, “Sir, please step back and remove the Ghana flag and fold it,” echoed throughout the courtroom.
In order to show support for the organizer of the #FixTheCountry movement, the judge issued a similar order to two additional individuals who were also present at the courthouse.
Before the case could proceed, supporters of Oliver Barker-Vormawor removed the Ghana flag in accordance with the order.
Oliver Barker Vormawor, who is on trial for treason, says that the government has put off his trial for too long.
The activist’s case was put on hold until October 21 by the Criminal Court division of the High Court so that the accused’s lawyers could present their request to overturn the indictment.
Oliver Barker-Vormawor responded that he was surprised by the judge’s order to remove the Ghana flag that he was draped in when JoyNews’ Kwaku Asante inquired of him after the court.
“Why?Is the Ghanaian flag outside the court’s reach?He probed.
He went on to say, “I’ve never heard of the court system having a problem with the Ghana flag.”Naturally, when the entire democracy is in such disarray and everyone is ashamed to identify due to a low sense of patriotism, such indicators of patriotism make people feel uneasy.
Oliver once more draped himself in the flag of the Republic of Ghana shortly after the court adjourned.


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