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Stop ‘unnecessary’ regional tours and address Ghanaians – Prof. Gyampo to Akufo-Addo



Professor Ransford Gyampo, a political scientist, has urged President Akufo-Addo to stop his ongoing regional tours and speak to citizens about the current economic crisis.
He claims that addressing Ghanaians will better calm citizens’ nerves during the hardship.
The lecturer explained in an open letter posted on Facebook that Ghanaians have become less open to him as a result of the dire economic conditions, necessitating a public address to the populace.
“At the moment, Sir, even in these difficult times, there is a cocktail of challenges brewing;namely, galloping and sluggish inflation, the willful depreciation of our currency, high transportation fares, labor union strike action, GUTA Action, banks’ daily liquidity challenges, and other similar issues.
These are issues that have serious implications for national security.“You are indulged in unnecessary opulent tour of the regions with too many V8 Land-cruisers, rather than coming into our homes to address us on what we must do as a people in rallying behind your government to sail us through the difficulties,” Professor Gyampo noted in his letter on Monday.
In addition, he urged the President in his letter to embrace novel concepts from across political lines in order to aid in the economic rescue.
“Also, put an end to the regional tours right away and come speak to the nation about what you’re doing to deal with the current economic difficulties and what all Ghanaians need to do.
Additionally, please reconsider the managers of our economy beyond your inflexible preference for loyalty over competence and the national interest.
“Finally, please moderate your winner-take-all politics and recruit members of your own party as well as outside experts to assist us in navigating the difficulties.Because clearly, your government does not know everything, “he said at the end.
The political scientist’s advice comes as the country’s hardships get worse and calls for the President to speak to the people.
Ghana’s currency is currently consistently depreciating against the US dollar and other major global trading currencies.
As a result, what some have dubbed a “galloping inflation” has occurred;a circumstance that, according to merchants and customers, is causing problems.
As a result, the President has been urged to resolve these issues in a more measured manner.
In the meantime, the government claims to be close to concluding a deal with the IMF to make the economy more viable and alleviate the system’s difficulties.
Government officials have repeatedly stated that if the agreement is reached, it will aid in strengthening the economy.


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